Breastfeeding class Tuesday December 19, 2017 price per couple

Breastfeeding class Tuesday December 19, 2017 price per couple

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Tuesday 6:30-9:30pm

We believe that if you give babies and mothers time together that their natural ability to breastfeed will be apparent. This class will cover breastfeeding from preparation during pregnancy, through your hospital stay and through the first few weeks at home.  Our focus will be on the biological norm of breastfeeding.

Our classes are taught by a certified Lactation Educator. We sincerely hope that you will be able to come away with the knowledge needed to have a successful breastfeeding experience with your baby.


We have specially weighted baby dolls to practice positioning. You will learn manual expression with handmade soft breast pillows. Our focus is on helping you to learn your baby’s instinctive behaviors that make breastfeeding easy and enjoyable. The instructor will work with each couple to make sure you are comfortable with positioning.

We will also go over supplies, bras and pumps. There is plenty of time for questions throughout the class.


For those of you who will go back to work in the first year of your baby’s life we offer a specially designed class. Please register for the Breastfeeding after Returning to Work Class.


Class price is per couple.


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