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Baby Face

Come and meet new people, get questions answered

Free Support Group

(you do not need to deliver at the hospital to attend)

New Mother's Support Group

Parenting & Breastfeeding Services believes in the importance of mothers coming together to share their experiences and learn from each other.

The focus of this group is not on breastfeeding, more on you and your baby.

This group is facilitated by one of our own IBCLC’s who also has experience in post partum care of the mother and baby. You may ask questions of the facilitator or just socialize with each other. Women have met in our group and formed lifelong friendships.

We also have guest speakers occasionally on subjects that moms have shown an interest in. visit our website frequently for a current list of scheduled speakers.

Come and visit with us, play and find lasting friendships!

Topics include postpartum adjustment, newborn care, and development.   Open to mothers of babies birth to four months.  This group is informative, educational and supportive.

Support Group Schedule

Good Samaritan Hospital enter the Main Entrance Parking lot

1)      Make a right at the end of the parking lot

2)      Unlabeled, grey trailers will be ahead. 

3)      Once you enter, the rooms are labeled. Go into trailer or “conference room 1”

 The new trailers are located across the hospital chapel


Every Wednesday 9:00am - 11:00am

Event schedule

May 20                    Pooja Patel                     Love Motifs                     Custom etched keepsakes created using your baby’s actual footprints                                                                                                                      Bring imprints from hospital or take additional at event    

Breastfeeding Support Group

The breastfeeding support group is a great place to follow up with your baby after your discharge from the hospital. Moms with babies from birth through six months of age are welcome. It is facilitated by Patricia Bonasera who has more than 35 years working with mothers and their babies. There are usually two IBCLCs in the group to make sure that we can accommodate everyone who needs help.

There is lots of time for questions and simple latching assistance. We provide anticipatory advice and encourage mothers to share their experiences with each other. We are the only Breastfeeding support group that is open to fathers attending. (It is sometimes very hard to travel in the first few weeks without help. It is also sometimes easier to have assistance to remember if you are in a sleep deprived state.) We are in a large theater style setting which will allow privacy if you desire.

We always have a Medela Baby Weigh Scale which will accurately check the weight of your baby and allow for the weighing of a feeding.

Come by with your baby to share and ask your questions, we are always interested!

Crying and fussy babies are always welcome!

Support Group Schedule

Good Samaritan Hospital in the auditorium

Every Tuesday 2:00pm - 3:30pm





Support Group Resources in our area





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